Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My Funky House Project - Living Room Day 1

Hi and welcome to my side project.

A little over 6 moths ago, my family and I purchased a new home, new to us that is.  Built in the late 80's, the interior reflected that awesome decade.  Being something of a handy man, the home was a perfect purchase. I had done most of the renovations in our last home and was really looking forward to this project.  So this week is spring break and school is out, so I am home with my teen and decided to work on the
living room.  So with everything stowed in the dinning room I set about recording my progress.

As you can see lots of wall paper to strip and lots of popcorn ceiling to scrape

 So without further ado I got to work. 8:30 am Monday. I started by emptying the room and then I had to make trip to the hardware store, can't think of a better way to start the day.

I got rosin paper, all new outlets, switches and covers. A couple gallons of paint, some tape roller covers and wall paper remover.  And some lunch.  Before I started the messy process I covered the floor with the rosin paper.  Seemed like the right thing to do. 11:30 am started in this corner.
After an hour or so I got this much of the wall paper removed and this much of the ceiling scraped.

Fun Facts:  Wall Paper first gained popularity in Renaissance Europe by the Gentry as a alternative to costly tapestries.  Many depicted scenes similar to tapestries.They used hand painting, woodblock printing and stenciling to create the patterns

 So by 4:30 I got this far, had to clean up and run a few errands.  Not as far a I hoped by a good start.

Be it known that I hate wall paper.  Never been a fan.  One good thing here is that the walls were properly prepped for paper so the removal is just mostly messy.

Day 2 to come.

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