Monday, February 11, 2013

Altered Cigar Box

Hello and Welcome Back!

I can't believe that is has been over a year since I last posted.  For this I am truly remiss.  But allow me to explain.  At the end of last year we decided it was time to give up the beloved town house and make the move to single family home ownership.  In order to make our home appealing to potential new buyers, we repaired the obvious items (time 3 months of week ends) and we had to minimize us from our home, in other words declutter, clear the dining room table and put away the craft stuff.  Yes our realtor was under the impression that crafting supplies strewn about the main dining area would not appeal to a new buyer.  Gasp!!  But thanks to my wife's organizational skills, everything was racked, packed and stacked neatly in the magical space beneath our stairs. And as luck would have it our new buyers were blown away by the space saving organization and made us an offer.  (time - 4 months).  With a offer on the table we had to either find a new space or take a leap of faith.  Fate was smiling and we found the perfect space and made settlement (time 2 crazy months)  So, we moved into our new digs, back to school and Oh My Gosh the Holidays are here. (3 Happy Hectic Holidays with family staying over, now that they can)  So that's last year and time is flying again.  Our craft room is pretty much done, as much as a work in progress can be done.  
So about works in progress... The new place is aching to be remodeled, repainted, and just plain brought up to date, but this is a blog for another day.  In the meantime our new living room needed a clock, and you can see my little altered cigar box sitting on my refinished $40 dollar thrift store credenza, looking all mid-century modern.  So here's some more pictures and more blogs to follow.  

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