Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Ding Dong - Paper Crafting

Hi again

I know this is not Day 2 on the remodel, but after starting the draft and reading it over, it was pretty much boring. Like watching paint dry.  Very quickly I scraped, patched and painted and the room was completed in time for the Easter Holiday.  If you want I'll post some picture of the completed room, just leave a message.  btw - Fun Fact about Popcorn Ceilings - There are no fun facts.  This stuff must have been invented by the devil.

On to something really fun. During our move in I was moving an old corner book case up stairs, (Think of that Friends episode when they were moving the sofa up to Ross's apartment, pivot!) and I bumped the door bell cover and it fell off and broke.  Which wasn't so bad just we hadn't planned on replacing the door bell just yet.  btw the bell has nice tone.

Anyway a had crafted a quick cover for the winter holidays and now that spring has sprung, I wanted something a little more in keeping with the season.  So I fashioned a new box, by scoring some paper from the DCWV Lemon Flower Stack and lining it with chip board.  Cut some tattered florals from other paper in the stack. Used one of Tim long strip dies to cut the boarder detail, and fixed everything in place.

The second build was better than the first and now that I have everything worked out, I think we make covers for all seasons.  No need for a new door bell.
 Here it is finished and in place.


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My Funky House Project - Living Room Day 1

Hi and welcome to my side project.

A little over 6 moths ago, my family and I purchased a new home, new to us that is.  Built in the late 80's, the interior reflected that awesome decade.  Being something of a handy man, the home was a perfect purchase. I had done most of the renovations in our last home and was really looking forward to this project.  So this week is spring break and school is out, so I am home with my teen and decided to work on the
living room.  So with everything stowed in the dinning room I set about recording my progress.

As you can see lots of wall paper to strip and lots of popcorn ceiling to scrape

 So without further ado I got to work. 8:30 am Monday. I started by emptying the room and then I had to make trip to the hardware store, can't think of a better way to start the day.

I got rosin paper, all new outlets, switches and covers. A couple gallons of paint, some tape roller covers and wall paper remover.  And some lunch.  Before I started the messy process I covered the floor with the rosin paper.  Seemed like the right thing to do. 11:30 am started in this corner.
After an hour or so I got this much of the wall paper removed and this much of the ceiling scraped.

Fun Facts:  Wall Paper first gained popularity in Renaissance Europe by the Gentry as a alternative to costly tapestries.  Many depicted scenes similar to tapestries.They used hand painting, woodblock printing and stenciling to create the patterns

 So by 4:30 I got this far, had to clean up and run a few errands.  Not as far a I hoped by a good start.

Be it known that I hate wall paper.  Never been a fan.  One good thing here is that the walls were properly prepped for paper so the removal is just mostly messy.

Day 2 to come.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Wearin' Tatters

Tattered Florals that is!  That's right folks tonight is the last night to get your tattered floral project done and linked to Tim's challenge.  Seek the deets here. And I comin' in just under the wire with a cuff that I've been working on (and off) for a little while.

Tim does some amazing things with his dies, tissue paper, paints and all kinds of goodness.  In this project I took some grunge board applied metal foil tape to both sides and die cut the tattered florals with our vagabond.  I then inked up both sides with some alcohol inks ginger, sunset orange, rust, pitch black and lettuce.  Originally I used plum, stream, cranberry and bottle.  The colors were bright and a little too vibrant for this cuff.  After I had the floral  ready I inked a crystal cut button with sunset orange for the center.  I used some of that waxed linen stuff to hold the flower together.

Next I cut and embossed some grunge board and grunge paper to make the band.  Using distress inks I colored the grunge stuff with vintage photo, walnut stain, wild honey and spiced marmalade.  Hand stitched grunge paper to the grunge board with some metallic threads and gave
the whole thing a coat of CH multi-medium matte.  Next I ran row of large grommets down the center and used more of the waxed linen to secure the chain in place. (on the first cuff I made some time back, I used hitch fasteners, but the grunge didn't hold up)  DW had the brilliant idea for the chain and  I macgyvered it.

Well it's getting late so Hi Ho Hi Ho it's off to bed I go.


Friday, March 8, 2013

Altered Cheese Box!


OK, so Tim Holtz has a tattered floral challenge going on this month.  Go to his website for inspiration and see what other crafters are doing with the tattered floral die.

This week I was given the privilege of making a gift box that my daughter needed for a birthday present gift card.  The request was that the box match the personality of the friend receiving the gift.  She was described as liking modern clean lines and not frilly. Purple and blue were the color pallet to work with.

I have said it before and it still holds true, our craftcupboard (craft room) is a magical place, kinda of like the room of requirement.  just focus on what you need the rest take care of it self.

I found the 6 x 6 stack of DCWV Latte paper.  Never been opened, and purchased on clearance, goodness know when,  but obviously for this project.  I used a few of  sheets and cut flowers with the tattered floral bigz die and strip die.  I added some other purple paper and some ribbon  and cut a pile of flower pieces to use,

I painted the edges of the cheese box with Tim's new distress paints (joy) and covered the top and bottom with the most Mid Century Modern looking paper in the stack,  I built up various flowers using the bits and pieces fixed them in place with glue dots.


Monday, March 4, 2013

Painted Chandelier


For today's post I am sharing with you a painted chandelier.  We salvaged (and when I say salvage, I mean never threw away) an old brass/crystal chandelier from our old house.  It has been given a paint job and a second lease on life.

We had seen other painted chandeliers scattered throughout the internet and read the design reviews regarding the technique and whether it was hot or not.  Some people think it's overdone,  but since we didn't have one or two already in our home, it couldn't be entirely overdone, could it?

So for the cost of a couple of cans of spray paint and some alcohol ink, I say it's hot enough for now.

One of these days I'm gonna remember to stop and take pictures while working on a project so that I can share the full experience.  But for now I have some close ups of some of the details.

I started the project by taking the whole thing apart and spray painting the brass metal with some Krylon
primer and then coated with Krylon's Totally Tangerine.

When the paint dried I added a little bling to flower centers to bring in a little pop of color.  The rhinestones where self-adhesive but I used a little E6000 to keep them in place.

For the crystal (glass) centers pieces, I used a technique that I picked up from a video using Tim Holtz Alcohol Inks, I thought it was for making Christmas Ornaments but could not find it.  Anyway, I squirted the ink inside the glass parts and spread it around with a can of air.  On the small crystals I applied the ink to the back side and edges with a handy cotton swab.  So what was once old is new again!

And now that the chandelier is completed and installed in my daughters room, and since I used some TH products I think I can enter this at The Simon Says Stamp Challenge - Anything Goes

Monday, February 11, 2013

Altered Cigar Box

Hello and Welcome Back!

I can't believe that is has been over a year since I last posted.  For this I am truly remiss.  But allow me to explain.  At the end of last year we decided it was time to give up the beloved town house and make the move to single family home ownership.  In order to make our home appealing to potential new buyers, we repaired the obvious items (time 3 months of week ends) and we had to minimize us from our home, in other words declutter, clear the dining room table and put away the craft stuff.  Yes our realtor was under the impression that crafting supplies strewn about the main dining area would not appeal to a new buyer.  Gasp!!  But thanks to my wife's organizational skills, everything was racked, packed and stacked neatly in the magical space beneath our stairs. And as luck would have it our new buyers were blown away by the space saving organization and made us an offer.  (time - 4 months).  With a offer on the table we had to either find a new space or take a leap of faith.  Fate was smiling and we found the perfect space and made settlement (time 2 crazy months)  So, we moved into our new digs, back to school and Oh My Gosh the Holidays are here. (3 Happy Hectic Holidays with family staying over, now that they can)  So that's last year and time is flying again.  Our craft room is pretty much done, as much as a work in progress can be done.  
So about works in progress... The new place is aching to be remodeled, repainted, and just plain brought up to date, but this is a blog for another day.  In the meantime our new living room needed a clock, and you can see my little altered cigar box sitting on my refinished $40 dollar thrift store credenza, looking all mid-century modern.  So here's some more pictures and more blogs to follow.