Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Ding Dong - Paper Crafting

Hi again

I know this is not Day 2 on the remodel, but after starting the draft and reading it over, it was pretty much boring. Like watching paint dry.  Very quickly I scraped, patched and painted and the room was completed in time for the Easter Holiday.  If you want I'll post some picture of the completed room, just leave a message.  btw - Fun Fact about Popcorn Ceilings - There are no fun facts.  This stuff must have been invented by the devil.

On to something really fun. During our move in I was moving an old corner book case up stairs, (Think of that Friends episode when they were moving the sofa up to Ross's apartment, pivot!) and I bumped the door bell cover and it fell off and broke.  Which wasn't so bad just we hadn't planned on replacing the door bell just yet.  btw the bell has nice tone.

Anyway a had crafted a quick cover for the winter holidays and now that spring has sprung, I wanted something a little more in keeping with the season.  So I fashioned a new box, by scoring some paper from the DCWV Lemon Flower Stack and lining it with chip board.  Cut some tattered florals from other paper in the stack. Used one of Tim long strip dies to cut the boarder detail, and fixed everything in place.

The second build was better than the first and now that I have everything worked out, I think we make covers for all seasons.  No need for a new door bell.
 Here it is finished and in place.


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My Funky House Project - Living Room Day 1

Hi and welcome to my side project.

A little over 6 moths ago, my family and I purchased a new home, new to us that is.  Built in the late 80's, the interior reflected that awesome decade.  Being something of a handy man, the home was a perfect purchase. I had done most of the renovations in our last home and was really looking forward to this project.  So this week is spring break and school is out, so I am home with my teen and decided to work on the
living room.  So with everything stowed in the dinning room I set about recording my progress.

As you can see lots of wall paper to strip and lots of popcorn ceiling to scrape

 So without further ado I got to work. 8:30 am Monday. I started by emptying the room and then I had to make trip to the hardware store, can't think of a better way to start the day.

I got rosin paper, all new outlets, switches and covers. A couple gallons of paint, some tape roller covers and wall paper remover.  And some lunch.  Before I started the messy process I covered the floor with the rosin paper.  Seemed like the right thing to do. 11:30 am started in this corner.
After an hour or so I got this much of the wall paper removed and this much of the ceiling scraped.

Fun Facts:  Wall Paper first gained popularity in Renaissance Europe by the Gentry as a alternative to costly tapestries.  Many depicted scenes similar to tapestries.They used hand painting, woodblock printing and stenciling to create the patterns

 So by 4:30 I got this far, had to clean up and run a few errands.  Not as far a I hoped by a good start.

Be it known that I hate wall paper.  Never been a fan.  One good thing here is that the walls were properly prepped for paper so the removal is just mostly messy.

Day 2 to come.